Tignes 2014

A few days away with Mini in Tignes has probably improved my boarding by tenfold. I learnt an awful lot in a relatively short space of time. Even the simple stuff which I took for granted beforehand such as where I should be putting pressure on my board to initiate turns to making sure my stance on the board was correct.
Another thing that Mini does wonderfully is push you to get the best of your riding. I’d never before taken on a red or black run but Mini had the confidence in all the riders in the group that they could do this without it being a risk to their safety or the rest of the group. He also made sure that if people wanted to split off from the group that they do so with the company of another rider in case of any incidents on the mountain.
All in all a thoroughly fantastic few days that has greatly improved my snowboarding.


Nate Thompson

Tignes 2014
Hello Mini, just a text to say thanks for organising an awesome trip to france! Was brilliant!! Learnt a lot and a great group of people. Can you send me the details for the courchevel trip in Jan, definitely gunna try and make that one as well, cheers, Nick.

Nick Woodsford